We were excited to hold our first TBLI CONFERENCE in Chicago, held in cooperation with Kellogg School of Management and Booth School of Business.

TBLI CONFERENCES offered a wealth of opportunity for networking with like-minded investors and new business partners, for sharing ideas, challenges and solutions and for learning about innovation and investment opportunities.

Thank you to all those that supported and attendes our event!

Conference Details

When : 23 January 2015

Where : Gleacher Center, 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive, Chicago, USA

Who : Attendee list

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The Program  

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Fri, 23 Jan 15  

8:00 - 9:00

6th floor - Room 621

9:00 - 9:20

6th floor - Room 621

Robert Rubinstein

CEO - TBLI GROUP - The Netherlands  Linkedin

Christina Hachikian

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Strategy, Director Social Enterprise Initiative - Chicago Booth School of Business  - USA  Linkedin

9:20 - 9:50

6th floor - Room 621

Irene Pritzker

President - IDP Foundation, Inc. - USA  Linkedin

9:50 - 10:50

6th floor - Room 621

Robert Rubinstein

CEO - TBLI GROUP - The Netherlands  Linkedin

Debra Schwartz

Director, Program-Related Investments - MacArthur Foundation - USA  Linkedin

Irene Pritzker

President - IDP Foundation, Inc. - USA  Linkedin

Tasha Seitz

Chief Investment Officer - Impact Engine - USA  Linkedin

10:50 - 11:20

6th floor - Room 621

This session is developed in cooperation with our partner Cleantech Open, with leading entrepreneurs from the cleantech space presenting their projects and companies to investors.

Diego Fazi (Moderator)

Chicago Metro Director - Cleantech Open, Midwest Division - USA  Linkedin

Thimothy Hoffman

National Board Member, NYC Metro Director - Cleantech Open, Midwest Division - USA  Linkedin
"An introduction to the world's largest Cleantech business competition and accelerator program"
The Cleantech Open is the world's largest Cleantech business competition and accelerator program. Its mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today's most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges.
The Cleantech Open has helped alumni contestants raise more than $1.1 billion, creating an estimated 3,100 green collar jobs.

John Slagter

President - The Mackinac Technology Company - USA  Linkedin
"A new paradigm for fenestration"
One half of building heating and cooling energy is lost through windows resulting in a $50B annual economic impact in the United States. The Mackinac Technology Company has developed a cost effective system to improve the energy efficiency of existing windows - eliminating the need for expensive replacement windows. Mackinac's new, transparent window covering system gives existing windows the same thermal insulation values as well insulated walls, at price points low enough to achieve full cost recovery within 3-5 years, while maintaining the aesthetic properties of the original windows.

Bruce Caldwell

CEO - 3Bar Biologics Inc. - USA  Linkedin
"Feeding the World…More Sustainably"
3Bar Biologics is an Ohio-based Ag-bioscience venture developing a pipeline of biological inoculants, bio-fertilizers, and bio-pesticides designed to help growers of all types of crops improve plant health, yield, and safety while reducing chemical inputs in both conventional and organic systems.

Mike Pintar

VP of Business Development - NETenergy - USA

Florin Tamas

CEO & Founder - LawnCombine Inc. - USA
LawnCombine has developed and patented a multifunctional residential yard care, snow removal and outdoor utility machine powered by dual fuel that can address all the needs of today’s homeowner. The machine is capable of executing multiple tasks in the yard and around the house by easily switching various attachments. We create value by saving 45% of the raw material, ½ of the space in everyone’s garage, $800 the upfront cost of the units and $300 of the maintenance cost a year.


11:20 - 11:30

6th floor - Room 621

11:30 - 1:00

6th floor - Room 621

1:00 - 2:30

4th floor - Room 404

Sonal Mahida (Moderator)

US Network Manager - Principles for Responsible Investment - USA  Linkedin

Ari Frankel

Head of ESG Strategy, Real Estate - Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management - USA  Linkedin

"A UNEP-FI Framework to Scale Up Responsible Property Investment"
The UNEP-FI Framework to Scale Up Responsible Property Investment, the Ceres Investment Consultants Project and the PRI for Property are partnering to develop a framework based on past published works to provide investors and investment consultants an objective set of questions to ask real estate fund managers and guidelines which can be set in order to drive real, impactful, value-creating ESG integration and energy efficiency strategies within commercial real estate portfolios.
As a member of the UNEP-FI Property Working Group and participant in Ceres and PRI events, Ari will speak about these initiatives and its importance of further driving ESG and low carbon investment strategies into the mainstream.   

Matt Moscardi

Senior Analyst - MSCI ESG Research - USA   Linkedin

Min-Hwa Hu Kupfer

Chairperson - VietNam Holding Limited - USA  Linkedin

1:00 - 2:30

2nd floor - Room 206
This interactive panel discussion is covering the "rules of the road" while deploying capital for positive impact across various asset classes. To kick of the discussion the panelists, using tangible examples, will present key ideas and important lessons learned each from their own diverse perspective. After each presentation audience participation will be encouraged.

Melissa Brown (Moderator)

Transaction Lead - Enclude Holding - USA Linkedin

Gayle Peterson

Director of the Oxford Impact investing Programme - Oxford University, Said Business School - United Kingdom Linkedin

Betsy Moszeter

COO - Green Alpha Advisors - USA Linkedin
"Capitalizing on the inevitable economic and technological transition to sustainability"
Betsy will share what she believes about investing for positive impact in the public markets, having shifted from the traditional/mainstream side of the industry to a focus on sustainable investing a couple of years ago. Betsy will talk about Green Alpha Advisors’ focus on investing for the future, i.e. the Next Economytm. Green Alpha Advisors’ vision is for an innovation-driven, global economy that allows humans to thrive on the earth indefinitely.

Benjamin Bingham

CEO and Founder - 3Sisters Sustainable Management - USA Linkedin
"Making Money Matter…Impact Investing to Change the World"
Benjamin will share his story as a veteran impact investor and social entrepreneur starting in the late 70’s, published in his new book 'Making Money Matter.. Impact Investing to Change the World'.
Some of the conclusions to be discussed in the workshop are:
•  Impact investing should not replace philanthropy, it should replace traditional single bottom line investing
• Impact 2.0 is neither impact first nor finance first…it is “both/and”
• Once investor’s mission is clear to the financial manager they can choose an appropriate universe and manage investments based on standard best practices.
• Every asset class has the potential for potent positive impact and market rate or better returns

1:00 - 2:30

4th floor - Room 406

Daniel Nielsen

Director Catholic Responsible Investing - Christian Brothers Investment Services - USA Linkedin

Liz Michaels

Chief of Staff - Aperion Group, LLC - USA   Linkedin

Cynthia Muller

Senior Manager, Impact Investing - Arabella Advisors - USA  Linkedin

Ken Locklin

Managing Director, North America - Impax Asset Management, LLC - USA  Linkedin

Leslie Samuelrich

President - Green Century Capital Management - USA  Linkedin

1:00 - 2:30

2nd floor - Room 204

Christina Hachikian (Moderator)

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Strategy, Director Social Enterprise Initiative - Chicago Booth School of Business  - USA  Linkedin

Katherine W. Schrank

CEO - Sustainability Partners, Inc. - USA  Linkedin
"How key ESG metrics can help the markets conduct due diligence to identify key corporate risks, opportunities and performance gaps"
Learn how key ESG metrics are analyzed by the markets to identify corporate risks, opportunities, and performance gaps in key areas. The 2015 proxy season already offers focus topics on ESG metrics on climate change, leadership diversity, water accessibility, executive compensation, political donations, and developing U.S. ESG standards for industries by SASB.

Caroline Vance

Vice President - Deutsche Bank - USA  Linkedin
"Carving out a niche for impact investing"
Impact investing is experiencing an exciting moment, with general enthusiasm among investors growing, seemingly exponentially.  The "do well while doing good" mantra has resonated with a wide range of potential investors, drawing a new generation of socially-conscious Millennials and expanding the boundaries of more traditional investors.  This optimism, however, has also to a certain extent overshadowed the challenges that exist for the industry and require attention, including existential questions about how to demonstrate and talk about impact and how to classify investments according to their different missions.  Deutsche Bank’s Global Social Finance group has been managing social investments since 1997 and has been grappling with these challenges.  The presentation will focus on how DB is thinking about each of these key questions in the context of its most recent social investment funds.

John Steven Bianucci

Director of Impact - Iroquois Valley Farms - USA  Linkedin
"Impact measurement based on company vision"
Iroquois Valley Farms has developed a unique impact measurement based on Company/Founder Vision. The idea is a simple one. If a Company can accurately articulate its vision, it may internally generate an accurate impact measurement scale that is sensitive to the Company Vision and so useful to managers, investors, and the public.

2:30 - 3:15

6th floor - Room 621

3:15 - 4:45

4th floor - Room 406

Daniel Allen (Moderator)

President & CEO - Aliier, LLC. - USA  Linkedin

Abigail Ingalls

Assistant Vice President, Consultant Relations - Breckinridge Capital Advisors - USA  Linkedin
• Examining Risk from a Wider Angle through ESG Analysis: ESG analysis can be tool to better assess risk and, thus, improve relative valuation decisions.
• Mission/Impact Alignment: By investing through a separate account (rather than a screened fund), investors are able to invest in best-in-class issuers, implement positive screens, and  apply negative screens
• Engagement with Issuers: Fixed income investors hold an important place in the capital structure and can learn from active engagement with issuers (albeit, in a different way than equity holders).

Laura-Min Proctor

Vice President - JP Morgan Morgan Private Bank - USA  Linkedin

Henry Shilling

Senior Vice President - Moody's Investors Services - USA  Linkedin

Kim Nguyen-Taylor

Senior Credit Analyst - Calvert Asset Management  - USA  Linkedin

• Combining ESG scores and fundamental credit assessment/relative value approach: Calvert believes that making relative value decisions that reflect opportunities and risks related to the integration of ESG issues in the fundamental research process can have a discernable impact on investment performance across all of our fixed income funds.
• Sector-based ESG analysis: Demonstrate its value-added as a risk mitigating tool not only at the company but also at the industry. Helps us determine which sectors have adopted business models that lack long-term viability, and could potentially have a widespread, irreversible negative impact to the financial performance of a sector.
• Impact of ESG analysis on investment returns/backtesting analysis

3:15 - 4:45

2nd floor - Room 206

Thania Panopoulos (Moderator)

Chief Investment Officer - Co-Founder Social Venture Partners (SVP) Chicago - USA  Linkedin

Alice Mann

Founding Principal - Alice Mann, LLC - USA  Linkedin

 “Building Top Social Impact Businesses”
1. Knowing the landscape of social impact enterprises
2. Selecting top business leaders and business models
3. Ensuring essential governance practices

Tasha Seitz

Chief Investment Officer - Impact Engine - USA  Linkedin

Ian Gardner

Chief Executive Officer - CAGIX (California Global Innovation Exchange) - USA  Linkedin

3:15 - 4:45

4th floor - Room 404

Howard A. Learner (Moderator)

Executive Director - Environmental Law & Policy Center- USA  Linkedin

Timothy Nixon

Managing Editor Sustainability - Thomson Reuters - USA  Linkedin

"Global 500 Greenhouse Gases, performance 2010-2013: New report on trends."
Greenhouse gas emissions by the world's top 500 companies rose 3.1 percent from 2010 to 2013, far off the cuts urged by the United Nations to limit global warming, our new study shows.  The top 500 firms by capitalization accounted for 13.8 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions and 28 percent of gross domestic product in 2013, according to the report.  Almost all of us use products from these companies.  This is about transparency and honesty, not naming and shaming. The report gives companies and their stakeholders an opportunity to engage and reduce emissions.  We will also briefly discuss upcoming reports and what might be added to the discussion. View the report and related articles.

Ty Jagerson

CEO - Village Power Finance - USA  Linkedin

"Rebuilding the Global Energy Infrastructure: The Startling Economics of Renewables"

Chris Fowle

Vice President, Investor Initiatives - CDP - USA  Linkedin

3:15 - 4:45

2nd floor - Room 204

Nathaniel Jackson (Moderator)

Senior Advisor, VPP - Inter-American Development Bank - USA  Linkedin

Paul Christensen

Associate Dean, Global Programs and Clinical Associate Professor for Finance - Kellogg School of Management - USA  Linkedin

"Investor Challenges in Emerging Markets; Lessons from the Microfinance Industry"
Venture capital and private equity investments are inherently more risky that other types of asset classes.  But combine these illiquid, privately placed securities with social business models operating in emerging markets, and the risks for fund managers and their investors are magnified.  Despite the challenges, microfinance investment funds have poured billions of dollars into companies offering financial services to poor people living in emerging and frontier markets.  The experience of these microfinance funds offers some helpful lessons on the tools and techniques available to mitigate the risks other impact investors face in developing markets – from insuring political risk and managing foreign exchange rate exposure to minimizing founder / key man risk and engineering exits in underdeveloped capital markets.

Kavilash Chawla

Managing Director - Nur Global Strategies - USA  Linkedin 
"Impact Investing and Islamic Finance: Opportunities for Convergence"
Similar to Impact Investing, Sharia based investments are values driven and focused on delivering financial return alongside social impact. The development of both industries offers opportunity for convergence and broadening the scope of Impact Investing into the Islamic space, while offering Sharia driven investors opportunities to tap additional dual bottom line products. The presentation will examine points for convergence as well as highlight some of the challenges.

Patrick T. Fisher

Founder & Managing Partner - Creation Investments Capital Management, LLC - USA  Linkedin

5:00 - 5:15

6th floor - Room 621