In cooperation with INSEAD business school in Singapore, TBLI CONFERENCE has returned to Asia this year.

The 1,5 day program addressed topics for investors and finance professionals striving to better align profits with impact, addressing all asset classes. On the agenda were 12 sessions, including workshops on impact investing trends, faith-based investing and impact measurement as well as ESG integration, fixed income markets or investing in green infrastructure and urban development.

This event is made carbon neutral with Verified Emission Reductions courtesy of Wildlife Works


Conference Details

When : 29-30 April 2015

Where : INSEAD Asia Campus, 1 Ayer Rajah Avenue, Singapore

Who : Attendee list

Conference materials

The Program  

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Wed, 29 Apr 15  

08:00 - 9:00

INSEAD Main Lobby
Level 1

08:00 - 09:00

Auditorium Foyer
Level 2

09:00 - 09:15

Level 2

Robert Rubinstein

CEO - TBLI GROUP - The Netherlands  Linkedin

Michael Pich

Dean of Executive Education - INSEAD - Singapore Linkedin

09:15 - 09:45

Level 2

Arvind Narula

CEO & Executive Director - Urmatt Ltd - Thailand  Linkedin

09:45 - 10:45

Level 2

Robert Rubinstein (Moderator)

CEO  - TBLI GROUP- The Netherlands  Linkedin

Ewoud Goudswaard

CEO  - ASN Bank NV- The Netherlands  Linkedin

Bernard Fung

Head of Family Office Services and Philanthropy Advisory Asia Pacific - Credit Suisse - Singapore  Linkedin

Bonny Landers

Senior Advisor and Independent Consultant, Asia - Hong Kong  Linkedin

En Lee

Co-Head, Asia Pacific - LGT Venture Philanthropy - Singapore Linkedin

10:45 - 11:15

Auditorium Foyer
Level 2

11:15 - 11:45

Level 2

Ibrahim AlHusseini

Managing Member - The Husseini Group / The FullCycle Energy - USA Linkedin

11:45 - 12:45

Level 2

James Pearson (Moderator)

CEO - Pacific Risk Advisors - Singapore Linkedin

Leonie Schreve

Global Head Sustainable Lending - ING - The Netherlands Linkedin

Michael Salvatico

Vice President - MSCI Inc. - Australia  Linkedin

T. David Hodgkinson

Senior Advisor, Regional & Sustainable Development Department - ADB - Thailand  Linkedin

12:45 - 13:00

Level 2

Moderators will give a very short introduction for their workshop session.

13:00 - 14:30

INSEAD Restaurant 2
Level 2

14:30 - 16:00

Amphi 102
Level 1

Leesa Soulodre (Moderator)

Managing Partner - RL Expert Group - Singapore Linkedin

Shinya Tsujimoto

CEO - Nippon Life Global Investors Singapore Limited - Singapore  Linkedin

"Trends in ESG Integration in Asia"
(1) Integration of financial information and non-financial information (ESG information):
Past: Mainly focusing on non-financial information, ESG fund such as eco-fund were launched. The main purpose is to achieve social benefits, sometime financial performance might be ignored. Non-financial information was opposed to financial information. Some investors hesitate to launch ESG funds due to fiduciary duty issue.
Recent: ESG contributes to firm long term performance. Non-financial information affects financial information in the long run. They are related, not independent. ESG information is important to mainstream investors as well as ESG investors.
(2) Integration of mainstream portfolio managers/ analysts and ESG portfolio managers/ analysts in one team:
Past: Investors started ESG team, which was separated from main stream team. ESG team just focused on non-financial information (ESG information) and communicate with CSR department of investee companies. Mainstream team just focused on financial information and communicated with IR department of investee companies.
Recent: ESG team and mainstream team are integrated into one team. One team (or one person) researches both financial information and non-financial information. They communicate with both CSR department and IR department of investee companies. (In the future, CSR department and IR department might be integrated.) The movement might support integrated reporting.

Vuong van Anh

Financial Controller - Vietnam Holding Asset Management Ltd. - USA   Linkedin
"Trends in ESG Integration in Investment in Vietnam"
The presentation described ESG Integrated Investment Process of Vietnam Holding Ltd., one of the first investment fund to launch the value and sustainable investment approach in Vietnam. ESG review and engagement is integrated throughout the whole process from screening to investment monitoring. It also introduces some case studies specifically in Vietnam.

Emily Chew

Vice President, ESG Research - MSCI Inc. - HongKong  Linkedin

"Trends in ESG integration: A global institutional investor standpoint"
ESG integration refers to the process undertaken by mainstream investors to absorb non-financial metrics, information, and insights into the investment process, investment operations, and financial product offerings. Through working with a global client that includes over 125 asset owners, MSCI ESG Research has developed a broad, multi-year view of the drivers for ESG integration among institutional investors. This presentation will provide a brief review of ESG integration developments among global institutional investors over the last two years, and ending with a discussion of some current hot topics that are the focus of these investors’ integration efforts. Points covered will include:   

  • Adoption of ESG research and professionalization of ESG integration practices
  • Rise of passive investing & ESG factors
  • Activism strategies: Engagement, divestment, voting
  • Asian Asset Owners: Focus on corporate governance and stewardship
  • Current integration themes: climate change, tax, board effectiveness and shareholder rights, emerging markets, green bonds

14:30 - 16:00

Amphi 105
Level 1

Noor Quek (Moderator)

Managing Director & Founder - NQ INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD - Singapore  Linkedin

Nguyen Suong Hong

President & CEO - Asia Capital Enterprises Ptd Lta - Singapore  Linkedin

Isaiah Schulze

Principal - Schulze Global Investments - Singapore  Linkedin

Gregory Stuppler

Founder & Principal - Sustainable Pte / SURF Hotels Pte - Singapore  Linkedin

14:30 - 16:00

Amphi 106
Level 1

Marie Rosencrantz (Moderator)

Founder and Managing Director - Rosencrantz & Co - Hong Kong Linkedin

Dominic Elson

CEO - Seventy Three Pte. Ltd.- Singapore Linkedin

Impact can be hard to measure at the frontier of investing in remote landscapes and seascapes. So investors often evaluate what it is practical to measure, rather than what is valued most by the local community, and is most likely to lead to human flourishing.
Dominic Elson’s presentation will explain a more holistic yet practical method to measure impact, improve strategic compatibility and reduce risk. As an example, he will introduce the new sustainable forestry investment impact indicators that have been developed by a group of international experts supported by FAST and GIZ. The indicators can be used by investors to provide the information that is usually hard to find when evaluating investments in SMEs in the forestry and landscape sector.

Yuwei Shi

Research Director - Middlebury Institute of International Studies - USA  Linkedin

"Bridging the gap between impact intention and measurement: Building an impact business model"
To mobilize commercial capital toward social impact is to assume the behavior of primarily a rational investor, rather than a passionate or normative investor. Impact measures alone create norms but do not explain the rationale of integrated, multiple bottom lines. Investing with a purpose for social impact does not beget such rationality. Neither is the theory of change that links investment only to social impact. What is missing is a business model that makes a clear case for both the financial and non-financial bottom lines, as well as the trade-off between them.
This presentation introduces a business model framework that aims to accomplish this objective and fill the gap between impact intention and measurement. The framework is applicable to designing a new impact business model or examining an existing business model for impact opportunities and risks.

Claire Dufour

Executive Director - Nexus-Carbon for Development - Cambodia  Linkedin

"Impact Measurement: Lessons learned from the carbon market"
• What lessons have we learned from the carbon market
• Linking climate change and development: How to measure and value the co-benefits of climate friendly projects


16:00 - 16:30

INSEAD Restaurant 2
Level 2

16:30 - 18:00

Amphi 106
Level 1

En Lee (Moderator)

Co-Head, Asia Pacific - LGT Venture Philanthropy - Singapore Linkedin
Held in cooperation with LGT Venture Philanthropy

The philanthropic space is becoming increasingly complex as philanthropists adopt innovative approaches like venture philanthropy, impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

This special seminar held by En Lee, LGT Venture Philanthropy, offers the opportunity to explore how impact investing and venture philanthropy can be applied to create positive, sustainable and scalable impact.

The seminar will address the following points, among others:

  • Overview of the social/ philanthropic sectors, developments and key learnings
  • Understanding different approaches from grant giving, to venture philanthropy and impact investing
  • Exploring case studies from LGT Venture Philanthropy's in different sectors
  • The investment process and due dilligence
  • Approaches to assessing and measuring impact, monitoring and reporting

16:30 - 18:00

Amphi 105
Level 1

Daniela Herrmann (Moderator)

Chairman & Founder - Topan AG - Switzerland   Linkedin

Ibrahim AlHusseini

Managing Member - The Husseini Group / The FullCycle Energy - USA   Linkedin

Leonie Schreve

Global Head Sustainable Lending - ING - The Netherlands   Linkedin

Jay Mariyappan

Managing Director - Sindicatum Sustainable Resources - Singapore  Linkedin


Jack Kneeland


Managing Director, Energy & Infrastructure - AWR Lloyd - Thailand Linkedin


18:00 - 19:30

Diageo Lounge

Thu, 30 Apr 15 (Day 1  )  

08:30 - 09:15

INSEAD Restaurant 2
Level 2

09:15 - 10:45

Amphi 102
Level 1

Nigel Grier (Moderator)

Founder & CEO at Centripetal Group – Singapore Linkedin

Samantha Sutcliffe

Principal Green Bonds Asia & Middle East - SEB - Sweden  Linkedin

Yoshiyuki Arima

Lead Financial Officer and Representative, Japan - The World Bank Treasury - Japan

Louis Perroy

Senior Partner and CFO - Climatekos - Singapore  Linkedin

09:15 - 10:45

Amphi 105
Level 1

Dean Cunico Ghazi (Moderator)

Managing Director & Owner - Turquoise Group Pte Ltd - Singapore Linkedin

MaryKate Henlon

Manager Sustainability & Communications - NewForests - Singapore Linkedin

"Integration of ESG and Impact Measurement in Forestry Investment in Asia Pacific"
The rising trend of real assets investment means a large influx of capital is potentially available to support responsible investment in forestry and conservation. The integration of key ESG factors can be closely linked to investment objectives in this asset class, and ESG reporting and impact measurement are now being put to use to support economic returns and monitoring of investment performance. Will include case study of the Tropical Asia Forest Fund, which is the first institutional investment fund dedicated to sustainable forestry in Southeast Asia.   

Fernanda de Lima

Director Private Equity - Developing World Markets - Singapore  Linkedin

Andi Taufan Garuda Putra

Founder & CEO - Amartha Microfinance - Indonesia  Linkedin

"Amartha Microfinance: A social business promoting impact investing"

Gregory Stuppler

Founder & Principal - Sustainable Pte / SURF Hotels Pte - Singapore  Linkedin

09:15 - 10:45

Amphi 106
Level 1

Gilles Hilary (Moderator)

The Mubadala Chaired Professor in Corporate Governance - INSEAD - Singapore Linkedin

James Pearson

CEO - Pacific Risk Advisors - Singapore Linkedin

James Pearson will focus on:

  • Engaging LPs on ESG risk management and creating sustainable value
  • Practical implementation of ESG risk management from an investors perspective
  • Integrating ESG risk principles in normal business operations

Leesa Soulodre

Managing Partner - RL Expert Group - Singapore   Linkedin

Marie Rosencrantz

Founder and Managing Director - Rosencrantz & Co - Hong Kong Linkedin

"Perspectives from working on ESG and risk management with DFIs and PE investors"

Lalit Matai

Operating Partner - TAU Investment Management LLC - USA Linkedin

10:45 - 11:15

INSEAD Restaurant 2
Level 2

11:15 - 12:45

Amphi 102
Level 1

Dominic Elson (Moderator)

CEO - Seventy Three Pte. Ltd.- Singapore Linkedin

Sarah Barker

Special Counsel - Minter Ellison Lawyers - Australia   linkedin

Recent publicity surrounding the exclusion or divestiture of stocks in carbon-intensive industries shows that leading investors are reviewing the financial risks (and opportunities) associated with climate change. However, with debate on climate change often pitched around ideological poles, the boards of many institutional investment funds are struggling to translate these developments into prudent governance practice, consistent with their statutory and general law duties.
Sarah Barker looks beyond the political debate to consider what recent developments on climate change mean for the legal obligations of fund trustees, and the implications for boardroom practice.

Wai-Shin Chan

Director Climate Change Strategy, Asia-Pacific - The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited - Hong Kong  linkedin

Louis Perroy

Senior Partner and CFO - Climatekos - Singapore  Linkedin

11:15 - 12:45

Amphi 105
Level 1

Benjaming McCarron (Moderator)

Managing Director - Asia Research and Engagement - Singapore  Linkedin

Esther An

Chief Sustainability Officer- City Developments Ltd. - Singapore  Linkedin

Established in 1963, City Developments Limited (CDL) is Singapore’s property pioneer with a global presence that spans 25 countries. Driven by its ethos to ‘Conserve as we Construct’, CDL has integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its corporate vision and mission since 1995. By adopting the Triple Bottom Line approach and embracing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance in its business strategy, CDL has demonstrated that a corporation can do well while doing good.

Being the first Singapore listed company to publish a GRI-checked Sustainability Report since 2008, CDL will illustrate how it has benefitted from taking a proactive approach in disclosure and reporting of non-financial performance. In her presentation, Ms Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer of CDL, will share how CDL integrates ESG factors into its operations, tracks and communicates its commitment to key stakeholders and investors to create business value for the company.

Hardik Shah

Sector Manager, ESG Research - Sustainalytics - Singapore Linkedin

Hardik Shah's presentation will focus on the following aspects:

  • Integrated reporting - advantages and bottlenecks for implementation, materiality analysis, and benchmarking
  • Bridging the gap between analyst’s expectations and actual company disclosures via company feedback mechanisms and active engagement including on-the-ground field visits
  • ESG analysis: Recalibrating the scale

Jiang Lei

ESG and Supply Chain Data Analyst - Bloomberg LP - Singapore Linkedin

ESG reporting and integration:

  • Investors’ demand on ESG Data
  • Global ESG reporting trends
  • How investors integrate ESG data into their investment decision making process

11:15 - 12:45

Amphi 106
Level 1

Grace Sai (Moderator)

Co-Founder - HUB Singapore - Singapore Linkedin

Rieki Rubinstein Crins

Chief Cultural Officer - Bhutique Hotel Group - Bhutan/The Netherlands  Linkedin

"Bhutan impact investment project"

  • For profit cultural authentic high end eco-lodges in 5 top locations through-out the country
  • A non profit hospitality school under management of alumni from the Lausanne Hotel School Switzerland
  • Provides high social returns to the local community
  • Generates solid financial returns even under conservative assumptions
  • Ensures experienced management team with knowledge of Bhutan, the hospitality industry, finance, marketing and heritage conservation
  • Fills an important gap in the high-end luxury travel market in Bhutan.

Marie Erikson

Director - Eco Regions Indonesia - Indonesia  Linkedin

"The New Green Indonesia"
The EcoRegion concept is a unique platform for large scale, green regional development that fast tracks economic growth, preserves the environment and distributes wealth to local people using Eco-Tourism and other Green Businesses as an economic motor.
We are at the right place at the right time. With two existing EcoRegions of totally 28 000 ha on Lombok and Sumbawa and a planned expansion of 3-5 new regions appointed by the Indonesian Government we have a unique opportunity to develop some of the most pristine locations in the world’s largest archipelago.
With business opportunity’s spreading from real estate development, supply of green energy and infrastructure to agriculture, fishery and wholesale we’re inviting a wide range of partners and investors to join us and the Indonesian government in the creation of the New Green Indonesia.

Daniela Herrmann

Chairman & Founder - Topan AG - Switzerland Linkedin

Nigel Grier

Founder & CEO at Centripetal Group – Singapore   Linkedin

"After 70 years of civil war, soldiers need jobs. Investing in Karen State of Burma/Myanmar."

Mani Kishore Vajipeyajula

Founder - Banyan Nation - India   Linkedin

"Building a formal, socially responsible, profitable and sustainable model for comprehensive recycling solutions"

Informal Sector Recycling comes at a huge environmental and economic cost: Recycling in India does not happen because of a well thought out plan by the local municipalities or the governing authorities. Owing to paucity of funds and lack of technical know-how, urban local bodies have left recycling activities to the invisible and informal sectors turning a blind eye to the significant environment and human health costs. Citizens dump valuable recyclates mixed with organic wet wastes in the street corner bins. Municipal waste collectors, rag pickers, servant maids and local recyclers scavenge plastics and other valuables from household garbage cans, street corner bins and landfills. They sell the collected plastic recyclates to the local recyclers and traders who run informal, unsanitary, toxic backyard recycling units in the midst of residential areas and settlements. They evade all government laws like paying minimum wages, taxes etc. and have scant regard for pollution control board norms. They do not register as formal company and are invisible to the general public. Even though it appears from the outside that the informal provides millions of jobs and keeps cost low - the entire recycling activity comes at a huge environmental and human health cost.

Banyan's technology driven solution: Banyan is consolidating India’s fragmented recycling supply chain & increasing the economic value of recyclates through a novel technology driven business model including android based software suite, scientific plastic segregation & processing techniques involving NIR Spectrometers, high quality washing lines and automated plastic extruder machines. Through outreach initiatives & mobile solutions Banyan assimilates informal recyclers into its supplier chain solving the last mile collection challenge in plastics and E-Waste allowing it achieve scale and operational efficiencies. Banyan is proposing and developing a model to overhaul the entire recycling value chain - right from collection and aggregation to back-end processing and recycling. For India to build sustainable cities that ensure citizen safety, it cannot rely on unregulated market forces for managing its waste streams. Banyan is building a formal, socially responsible, profitable and sustainable model that provides comprehensive recycling solutions to the citizens of India. 

Gerard Villoria

Founder - GerWeiss - Philippines  Linkedin

Damien Stone

Founder - Water3 - Australia  Linkedin

12:45 - 14:30

INSEAD Restaurant 2
Level 2